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gun control

Gun-Control Proponents Argument Debunked!

One of the arguments gun-control proponents have made when responding to the fact that firearm-related homicides have decreased over the last 20 years is that trauma medicine has improved, so more people are saved when shot. The implication is that firearm-related crimes have not decreased overall, just more people are surviving the violence.

A recent report published by the Bureau of Justice Statistics debunks that argument. The report shows that the number of non-fatal firearm-related crimes has dropped even more than the firearm-related homicide rate has dropped. So, the number of firearm-related crimes (both fatal and non-fatal) has dropped by approximately 69% since 1993.

That is VERY good news for those of us who cherish ALL of our rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights. As my t-shirt and Facebook cover banner say, "God, guns and guts made America free. Let's keep all three!"

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