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No More!

"They who give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." -- Benjamin Franklin

We have seen the government slowly usurp our rights over the last several decades. I'm sure we can find incidents that would show such usurpation's for every right enumerated in the first 9 Amendments to the Constitution. And, we have been complacent all along, agreeing that those usurpation's are acceptable in exchange for some "benefit" the government has promised.

Now, we have proof that the government is monitoring the activities of ordinary, law-abiding citizens under the premise that "it helps us stop terrorism." And, again, we have many people agreeing that it is an acceptable "trade."

I, for one, do not agree that it is an acceptable trade!

The issue of sacrificing liberty for safety is not a new discussion as the above quote from Benjamin Franklin clearly demonstrates. Yet, here we are, willingly giving up "essential liberty" for a little temporary safety. How soon we forget the events of Boston.

No amount of "sacrificing" our liberties will result in complete safety. Terrorist acts will happen because terrorists will find a way. Just as there will always be crazy people who want to kill a bunch of innocents, there will always be terrorists intent on destroying our way of life. The more we "sacrifice" our liberties, the more those terrorists win.

Let's take the words of Benjamin Franklin to heart and say, "NO MORE."

No more will you ignore my rights as an American citizen.
No more will I stand idly by.

I will say, "NO MORE!"