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Some of the side jobs I work on ...

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Here are a couple of samples of the work I do on the side. I do work on the side to keep my skills up to date. And, most importantly, I make sure these jobs do not interfere with my regular work!

Air Raid Siren - This is a piece of software, still in its infancy, that will help users become aware of possible threats when using wireless hotspots. It is written in C++ using wxWidgets, a cross-platform class library.
Tab Jewelers - This is a commercial web-site I help set up for a friend. It is still in its early stages and product is being added on a continual basis. The site is based upon Zen Cart with modifications made according to the desires of the store owner.

Updated resume ...

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I have updated my resume based upon suggestions received for those knowledgeable in the job search industry. You can view the resume here.

Resume posted ...

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I have posted my professional resume at the following link.