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Mollom no longer in use ...

I stated here that I was using the Mollom module to help reduce the amount of anonymous comment spam that gets posted on this site. Unfortunately, it stopped working as I had hoped. Somehow, the setting for Mollom changed to text analysis from the captcha setting I had originally chosen. The text analysis mode was allowing several anonymous comments with spam through every day.

So, Mollom has been disabled!

I am now using the CAPTCHA module with the Image Captcha enabled. I have not had any anonymous comments with spam since.

I will keep you up-to-date if there are any changes ...

Mollom now in use ...

Anonymous comments are necessary if one desires to have a live site. However, the amount of spam that a site is bombarded with requires extensive time to monitor the comments and delete those that are spam. As such, many configure their sites to require comments be approved before they are made visible. But, again, this configuration requires extensive time if the site is to be somewhat interactive.

I came across a tool that integrates well into a Drupal based site such as mine. The Mollom module, used in conjunction with an account at, allows a site manager to disable comment moderation because of the spam protection provided by the Mollom module.

I have implemented the Mollom module for this site. So, if you see any spam in the comments, please let me know ASAP! I can then forward the information to Mollom in an effort to improve the service.