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visual basic script

Error: No script engine for extension .vbs ...

So, I thought I would write a quick little script to open a VPN connection and perform some routine maintenance on a remote system. I created an empty .vbs file, edit it, put in some simple commands and then double-click it to test it. Then, up comes a dialog that says, "There is no script engine for extension .vbs." What?

What I found was that an application I installed to test, Bluefish Editor, had changed a lot of file type associations including VBS files. Unfortunately, they apparently do not "clean up" the associations after uninstalling which I had done. (Most applications that I have run across do not restore associations when they are uninstalled. So, Bluefish is not alone in this.)

Anyway, to restore the VBS association with WScript, the main change I had to make was to change the value for "(Default)" in the Registry as follows:

  • Run Regedit
  • Select .vbs under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT
  • Change the value for (Default) to "VBSFile"

Once that change was in place, executing the VBS script worked as expected.