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Disparities in Protection ...

How is the President protected?
How are members of Congress protected?
How are Governors protected?
How are the courts protected?
How are jewelery stores protected?
How are banks protected?
How are people at amusement parks protected?
How are people at sporting events protected?
How are people at concerts protected?

Answer: Armed Guards

-- secret service, sheriffs, police, security guards, etc.
-- many of these armed guards carry "assault weapons"

How are our children protected at school?
How are people protected at many movie theaters?
How are people protected at most malls?
How are people protected at most private businesses?

Answer: A sign that says, "This is a Gun Free Zone."

-- It is true that, should there be an emergency, someone can call the police. They will show up "armed" about 5 minutes AFTER the emergency was called in.

Where have the majority of mass shootings occurred in the last 30 years?

Answer: schools and private businesses

Please share these "facts" with your representatives at all levels of government, especially Congress as they are considering further restrictions on our ability to protect ourselves and our children. Ask them to 1) eliminate gun free zones, 2) expand concealed carry permits and allow individuals with permits to carry in public places and 3) remove barriers that prevent those who need mental health treatment from receiving appropriate care.

Yes, I have!

Yes, I have written my representatives. And, I will be writing them again.