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Error: No script engine for extension .vbs ...

So, I thought I would write a quick little script to open a VPN connection and perform some routine maintenance on a remote system. I created an empty .vbs file, edit it, put in some simple commands and then double-click it to test it. Then, up comes a dialog that says, "There is no script engine for extension .vbs." What?

What I found was that an application I installed to test, Bluefish Editor, had changed a lot of file type associations including VBS files. Unfortunately, they apparently do not "clean up" the associations after uninstalling which I had done. (Most applications that I have run across do not restore associations when they are uninstalled. So, Bluefish is not alone in this.)

Anyway, to restore the VBS association with WScript, the main change I had to make was to change the value for "(Default)" in the Registry as follows:

  • Run Regedit
  • Select .vbs under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT
  • Change the value for (Default) to "VBSFile"

Once that change was in place, executing the VBS script worked as expected.

Bang-on Michael, solved

Bang-on Michael, solved problem with minimal fuss!

God bless you Michael... you

God bless you Michael... you solved me a big issue !

This was my exact problem.

This was my exact problem. And it is now solved. Thanks

You save my day, too!

Notepad++ change all text-based scripts default handle to it-self so script can not be executed anymore Thanks your tip now I know the root cause and can restore their default handle when needed so things run smoothly again.
Great job!

Thanks for posting--fixed the same problem with BlueFish for me

Saved me some grief... thanks!

That's it! You saved my day!

That's it! You saved my day!

Your welcome ...

That's exactly why I posted it.

no script engine for .vbs

I tried your Regedit fix but, alas, the problem continues on my Dell inspiron 530S running windows XP home edition.
There doesn't seem to be a file named wscript.exe anywhere on my computer, and that may be the problem. Is that a needed file? If so, where can I get it?


Hello, David. It may be that

Hello, David.

It may be that the Windows Script Host is disabled on your system. You can search on how to enable it using the following link.

enable script host windows xp