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Gun-Control Proponents Argument Debunked!

One of the arguments gun-control proponents have made when responding to the fact that firearm-related homicides have decreased over the last 20 years is that trauma medicine has improved, so more people are saved when shot. The implication is that firearm-related crimes have not decreased overall, just more people are surviving the violence.

A recent report published by the Bureau of Justice Statistics debunks that argument. The report shows that the number of non-fatal firearm-related crimes has dropped even more than the firearm-related homicide rate has dropped. So, the number of firearm-related crimes (both fatal and non-fatal) has dropped by approximately 69% since 1993.

That is VERY good news for those of us who cherish ALL of our rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights. As my t-shirt and Facebook cover banner say, "God, guns and guts made America free. Let's keep all three!"

Please read the highlights on the page!!!

Gun "Control"

Glenn Beck's new book 'Control' is now out.

I've downloaded a Kindle edition, and read most all of it already. A little hard to be sure which sections I've missed, since I've been leapfrogging around. But that's what Beck intended: hear a "controller" talking point, then go look up the rebuttal.

I strongly recommend it as a handy reference to refute the "control" advocates and their useful idiots who parrot their distortions. Don't just disagree. Explain why they're wrong. Who knows but you might actually encounter someone willing to listen to reason who can be persuaded to stop falling for emotional claptrap.